Department of Chemical Engineering


Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering


To educate the students to be leaders in the multifarious modern work environment and to establish a center of excellence in and allied fields of Chemical Engineering for the societal cause.


  • To provide technical education of eminence to Chemical Engineering aspirants.
  • To develop technocrats as per the needs of changing scenario of industries due to rapid advances in technology globally, in different spheres of activities.
  • To promote innovative thinking and inculcate entrepreneurial skills for social benefits.
  • To impart high-quality education to the students for ethical professional practices and to prepare them to shoulder various responsibilities at different levels.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: The graduates of Chemical Engineering are expected to have a firm foundation and understanding of applied sciences and core subjects of Chemical Engineering to meet the current needs of industry and society by adopting new sustainable technologies.

PEO2: The graduates of Chemical Engineering are expected to work ethically in teams and take up leadership roles in allied fields of Chemical Engineering for societal causes.

PEO3: The graduates of Chemical Engineering are expected to be innovative and integrated with entrepreneurial/managerial skills to shoulder the responsibilities globally.

Program-Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • PSO1: A student graduating from the Department shall possess the ability to understand the fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Science and shall be able to apply the knowledge gained in the Core Subjects while working in Chemical Process Industry, Academia, and Research Organizations
  • PSO2: A student graduating from the Department shall possess the ability to analyze the problems in Core Subjects of Chemical Engineering and shall be able to formulate the methodology and identify the tools to obtain a feasible, optimal, and cost-effective solution
  • PSO3: A student graduating from the Department shall understand his/her responsibility towards Society and the Country in order to work towards the betterment of the quality of life of the People by using his/her knowledge and experience following Professional Ethics

The department started in the year 1955, supporting the UG and PG courses offered by Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, since then by the Institute. The department has an excellent teaching facility, adequately supported by well-equipped UG laboratories and PG research laboratories. Our graduate students are employed in well-reputed organizations in India and also perceive their Higher Education from reputed institutes. The department is one of the oldest in India, thousands of UG and PG graduates are rendering their services to many Industrial and Government, Research Laboratories and Academic Institutes in India and across the Globe.

The faculty members are actively engaged in research publications and several books have been contributed which are referred by many Universities. National seminars are attended and conducted by faculty members. The Apple Academic Press, Canada has published two edited Books based on the Research Papers contributed by various authors from all over the Nation. Departmental faculties are working on various Research and Consultancy projects sanctioned by UGC, DST, SERB, etc.

The faculty also takes care of the overall development of students by conducting co and extra-curricular activities that include annual festivals, national seminars for students, and various quizzes, several prizes have been won by the students at different levels from time to time.

The notable feature of the department is its contribution towards maintaining a very high track record of recruitment of Chemical Engineering graduates over the year since its inception. The department has produced many Entrepreneurs, Bureaucrats, Academicians Technocrats, etc. who have contributed to the development of society. The department is providing a conducive atmosphere for the students in order to enhance the learning process further. The department is having different laboratories like Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Operations, Chemical Reactor Design, Simulation, Process Dynamics & control, and Environmental Engineering.

Resume of Faculty (Detailed)

Dr. B. A. Bhanvase (Professor and Head)

Dr. S. P. Shirsat (Professor)

Dr. S. M. Wagh (Associate Professor)

Dr. S. K. Deshmukh (Associate Professor)

Dr. R. P. Birmod (Assistant Professor)

Dr. A. C. Shende (Assistant Professor)

Dr. S. J. Joglekar (Assistant Professor)

Dr. V. G. Lade (Assistant Professor)

Dr. J. B. Bhasarkar (Assistant Professor)

Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning

State of the Art Facilities Available

    • The chemical engineering department has well-equipped laboratories in Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Process Control and Instrumentation, and Mechanical Operations.
    • The department has a recent version of CHEMCAD which deals with all types of simulations and solutions.

Services offered to Industries

  • Support for process engineering such as conceptual plant design with basic inputs and developing basic process flow sheets, as well as material balance, energy balance, equipment sizing, and utility sizing
  • Support for basic engineering services such as the development of master plan layouts, utility layouts, etc.
  • Support for process design and mechanical design of specialized equipment
  • Support for polymer processing and resin manufacturing facilities. Experienced faculty of the department can organize training programs for Chemical industry personnel, according to their needs and requirements
  • Support for engineered incremental improvement to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and yield or reduced production costs and capital investments

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