Department of Applied Physics

Applied Physics is an interdisciplinary field of study, where new and advanced materials, devices and systems are engineered, based on the fundamental understanding of Physics. This undergraduate program stresses the basic physics that underlies most developments in the engineering tools that are important to both physicists and engineers. Since the advances in most branches of technology lead to rapid changes in state-of-the-art techniques, this program provides a broad base of fundamental science to the students while retaining the opportunity for specialization through technical electives.

The faculty members are intensely dedicated in teaching as well as research in frontline subjects like Nanotechnology, Luminescence, Materials science and others. All of them keep on exploring new ideas amongst the students to give new dimensions to the teaching learning process. The department has well equipped laboratories where about 40 students can perform experiments at a time. The Department all the time strives for the betterment of the students to open up new gateway in this digital era. Over the years, the department has imprinted a position through dazzling results, research, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Department always attempts at imparting stimulant momentum to budding engineers and adds a potential in them to work efficiently and energetically. Our faculty are involved in driving the students towards the envelope of new technologies.