General Engineering - Research Scholors

Name of Research Scholar Name of Research Guide Research Topic
Mohammad Ayaz Afsar Dr. A. M. Mahalle Experimental investigations modelling and simulation of an externally scavenged S.I. engine
Shailesh M. Dhomne Dr. A. M. Mahalle Experimental investigations on piston coated externally scavenged S.I. engine
Ms. Shubhangi M. Gondane Dr. P. N. Belkhode Development of suitable adhesives for bamboo joinery
Sameer Ratanshi Shah Dr. P. N. Belkhode Design, development and optimization of novel single pot processor for wet granulation of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals
Ajay Gopalrao Bejalwar Dr. P. N. Belkhode Design and development of solar updraft tower using variable geometric parameters for optimum performance