Chemical Engineering - Research Scholors

Name of Research Scholar Name of Research Guide Research Topic
Gajanan P. Lakhawat Dr. R. P. Ugwekar Synthesis of nanofluids for heat & mass transfer application
Vinayak Wadgaonkar Dr. R. P. Ugwekar Studies on removal of heavy metals from waste water by using low cost adsorbent
Ms. Vrushali Umap Dr. R. P. Ugwekar Studies on performance of PEMFC
Ms. Seema Kakde Dr. R. P. Ugwekar Simulation and optimization of azeotropic distillation sequence using simulation software CHEMCAD
Ms. Rashmi Nimbalkar Dr. R. P. Ugwekar Reactive extraction of carboxylic acids
Yogesh P. Moharkar Dr. B. A. Bhanvase Studies on chemicals and nanoparticle synthesis in microreactor
Rahul Mahajan Dr. S. M. Wagh Hydrodynamic studies for reversed flow jet loop reactor
Mukesh B. Sawarkar Dr. S. M. Wagh Waste water treatment studies using jet loop bioreactor with membrane
Anant R. Sontake Dr. S. M. Wagh Studies of foam concentrate compatibility and surfactant concentration of different types of foam and their impact on fire fighting capability towards fires of Class A and Class B fuels
Prashant Bhimrao Dhanke Dr. S. M. Wagh Intensification of Degradation of waste water by hydrodynamic cavitation reactor with various advance oxidation processes