Department of General Engineering


State of Art Facilities Available

In the department, we have workshop as a separate section. In workshop there are various shops like machine shop, fitting shop, welding shop and carpentry shop in which the students learn the practical skills of that particular shop.

In this workshop new and modern machines like CNC Lathe, Milling, Hack-Saw, Wood Turning, etc. are available. Through these machines our Workshop equipments are ready to make the new jobs with more accuracy and precision level.

We can offer the training programmes/course to the unskilled persons. Various types of teaching needs like duster, paper weights, job boxes, frames, etc. are prepared in the workshop section of the department. Also some repair and maintenance of equipments in the institute is carried out. Also project models/research models facilities are provided to the final year students as well as to the research scholars.

Services offered to the industries

  • We can offer our services to the industries by conducting theory and practical based training programmes on workshop technology for the industry workers